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We at Farina & More believe in natural & authentic taste.
We believe in the simplicity of our ingredients, carefully sourced & picked directly from Italy.


We use the best ‘Farina’: unrefined, organic flour mixed with high-fibre, low-fat, multigrain flours. Our dough has been developed after years of studies and experience and contains 80% of water. We combine mother yeast with normal yeast to obtain a fragrant and tasty dough.


But we believe that time is actually our best ingredient… we use the ‘cold’ technique which, with a ripening of the dough lasting up to 72 hours, allows our pizza to be light, crispy and very digestible.

Our cuisine represents the authenticity passion spirit of Italian food.


A combination of flavours, colours & fragrances that comes from our century long tradition.

But we also care about inclusivity, and therefore, in our menus you will always find some great gluten free and vegan options.


We are from Italy and love to combine our delicious pastries with high quality coffee having an authentic aroma which is why we thought one type of coffee couldn’t serve all our needs and we selected two very distinct flavours we would love you to experience…


Pizza, Bakery and Coffee is our unique, 100% Italian mood, brought with love to our Brook Green Community.


That’s Farina & More.